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Kamilah Forbes, Assistant Director on Broadway

Congratulations to Kamilah Forbes, who served as the first guest of Season Two on TheatreNow! She is serving as Assistant Director of the Broadway production of THE MOUNTAINTOP by Katori Hall, starring Angela Bassett and Samuel L. Jackson. Brava!

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November 8, 2011, 1:46 pm
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Here is news from Kristin Marting, the Artistic Director of HERE in NYC. She appeared in Season One of TheatreNow!

New Show!

Nov. 4-6, 8-12 @ 8:30 PM

Wooden is a dance about time and nature’s geometry. This evening-length quartet occupies different environments installed in one performance space. Follow the dance through a lush, growing lawn and a dry, desiccated landscape of hanging trees. Wooden is filled with mathematical precision, velocity and liquid improvisation.

Cocktails & Context: 11/8 @ 7:30 PM
Post-Show Panel: 11/9: Dance, Installation and Repurposing

Click here for more information.

Women In Stage Entertainment

Thank you to Women In Stage Entertainment (WISE) for posting my article, “Why I Created TheatreNow!” and my interview with Paule Constable. WISE was co-founded by Paule Constable and serves theatre professionals across the world. Membership is free.


Mission statement: WiSE is a networking and professional development organization for women in the stage entertainment industry. We strive to provide a dynamic forum where members can share information, opportunities and support while promoting equity, equality, and sustainability across the industry.

WiSE Objectives:

1. To offer women at all stages of their careers support, mentorship, internships and life long learning opportunities

2. To lobby to remove the barriers that women face in their daily working lives so they can flourish and thrive in their chosen careers

3. To ensure successful women in the industry are more visible and provide positive role models.

4. To illustrate ways in which women can continue to work in the industry once they settle down and / or have families.

5. To encourage the industry to look at working hours and conditions, childcare facilities, jobshare potential, continuous learning, re- entry access points.

6. To carry out funded research into the issues that affect women in stage entertainment industry and the ongoing effects those issues can have.

WISE is an organization that deals with the serious issues which currently profoundly affect a woman’s career choices head on. All contributions, ideas, suggestions are welcome.