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Valentina Fratti Directs R.U.R.

Congratulations to Season One guest Valentina Fratti, who will direct a production of the classic play R.U.R. on Theatre Row in January.

Resonance Theatre Ensemble presents:

By Karel Čapek
Adapted By Lee Eric Shackleford
Directed By Valentina Fratti

January 9-30, 2012

Featuring Kevin Bernard*, Mac Brydon*, Christine Bullen*, Tyler Caffall, Chris Ceraso*, Matt W. Cody*, Jane Cortney*, Charlotte Hampden*, Meg Heus, Brad Makarowski*, Sean Philips*, Corey Tazmania*, James Ware

Karel Čapek’s classic R.U.R. originated the word “robot,” and for nearly a hundred years, the play has been considered a classic, translated into every major language on the face of the planet. The plot is centered on a factory that makes artificial beings used in the service of humans. While at first these “robots” seem content with their function as domestic servants, a hostile rebellion soon arises that threatens the very existence of the human race. Lee Eric Shackleford’s adaptation brings the play’s characters, language, and themes into a modern vernacular while remaining as faithful as possible to Čapek’s intentions and vision.

*Appearing Courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association
An Equity Approved Showcase

Theatre Row – The Beckett Theatre
410 West 42nd Street
New York NY

Yvette Heyliger on the Air

RE-AIRING SATURDAY @ 8:30PM! AUDELCO winner, playwright/producer, Obama Fellow YVETTE HEYLIGER on INSIDE NEW YORK. Three ways to tune in! Time Warner Cable, channel 56; http://www.mnn.org, channel 2; or RNC channel 83.

Yvette talks with host Joan Allen about her career in theater as an actress (Cosby Show), producing artist (Twinbiz) and playwright and the plight of women in theater today! She recently produced, “A Seat at the Table,” a standing room only reading of 10 minute plays by women of color! Yvette also discusses the role of activism and her decision to become a volunteer in Obama’s re-election campaign. Don’t miss it!

Likeminded Theatremakers

I received this wonderful email from T. Scott Wooten. It’s great to find likeminded theatremakers.

Dear Ann Hamilton,

First off, as a Theatre Worker i confess to being constantly remiss in reading American Theatre Magazine as soon as i receive it. Now finally reading the October ’12 issue, i came across the article showcasing your wonderful Podcast Show. Though i haven’t heard of or listened to your show previously, i am intrigued to do so.

The article compelled me to find your email address and write you. i am a 31 year old man who has worked in the theatre professionally and followed trends for the last ten years & it is my opinion that we must be creating new opportunities/jobs for Women in the Theatre.

it has long been an observation in my career that — for Actors — there are more Women in this business than there are roles. Also, i have observed 4 different educational settings for children (of myriad ages) to be introduced to theatre and overwhelmingly, the majority is female. Bottom line: the majority of the current/next generation of Theatre Workers WILL be Women.

For my part, i will, as a some-time playwright, create more roles for Women and i will spread this word to as many colleagues as i can to urge them to do so as well. But EVERY playwright regardless of their gender should keep this in mind — Women are & will be the majority of the talent pool.

i am most likely spouting opinions you already share, but i want you to know that for myself, as a Man, i will be championing Women as the Theatre Workers of the future.

Bravo to your Podcast, and i am looking forward to listening.

Happy Thanksgiving,

T. Scott Wooten