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I received this wonderful email from T. Scott Wooten. It’s great to find likeminded theatremakers.

Dear Ann Hamilton,

First off, as a Theatre Worker i confess to being constantly remiss in reading American Theatre Magazine as soon as i receive it. Now finally reading the October ’12 issue, i came across the article showcasing your wonderful Podcast Show. Though i haven’t heard of or listened to your show previously, i am intrigued to do so.

The article compelled me to find your email address and write you. i am a 31 year old man who has worked in the theatre professionally and followed trends for the last ten years & it is my opinion that we must be creating new opportunities/jobs for Women in the Theatre.

it has long been an observation in my career that — for Actors — there are more Women in this business than there are roles. Also, i have observed 4 different educational settings for children (of myriad ages) to be introduced to theatre and overwhelmingly, the majority is female. Bottom line: the majority of the current/next generation of Theatre Workers WILL be Women.

For my part, i will, as a some-time playwright, create more roles for Women and i will spread this word to as many colleagues as i can to urge them to do so as well. But EVERY playwright regardless of their gender should keep this in mind — Women are & will be the majority of the talent pool.

i am most likely spouting opinions you already share, but i want you to know that for myself, as a Man, i will be championing Women as the Theatre Workers of the future.

Bravo to your Podcast, and i am looking forward to listening.

Happy Thanksgiving,

T. Scott Wooten

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