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Anne Hamilton’s Article on 21st Century Freelance Dramaturgy in new international textbook

I am thrilled to announce the publication of my article, “Freelance dramaturgs in the twenty-first century: journalists, advocates, and curators” in the ROUTLEDGE COMPANION TO DRAMATURGY (ISBN: 978-0-415-65849-2,published on July 29, 2014), edited by  Magda Romanska. My chapter is the only one on freelance dramaturgy in the book.

The article details the creation and development of Hamilton Dramaturgy’s TheatreNow!, as well as other tools I have used to utilize technology, cultural interconnectedness, and entrepreneurship to expand the role of the dramaturg in the 21st century.

It appears as the 18th chapter of the book, in the Age of Globalization section. TheatreNow’s Asia Representative Walter Byongsok Chon also contributed a chapter in the same section, entitled, “Intercultural dramaturgy: dramaturg as cultural liaison”.

The volume is available at: http://www.routledge.com/books/details/9780415658492/?utm_source=cms&utm_medium=url&utm_campaign=SBU4_SJC_3RF_8cm_9PER_00000_HBK







Likeminded Theatremakers

I received this wonderful email from T. Scott Wooten. It’s great to find likeminded theatremakers.

Dear Ann Hamilton,

First off, as a Theatre Worker i confess to being constantly remiss in reading American Theatre Magazine as soon as i receive it. Now finally reading the October ’12 issue, i came across the article showcasing your wonderful Podcast Show. Though i haven’t heard of or listened to your show previously, i am intrigued to do so.

The article compelled me to find your email address and write you. i am a 31 year old man who has worked in the theatre professionally and followed trends for the last ten years & it is my opinion that we must be creating new opportunities/jobs for Women in the Theatre.

it has long been an observation in my career that — for Actors — there are more Women in this business than there are roles. Also, i have observed 4 different educational settings for children (of myriad ages) to be introduced to theatre and overwhelmingly, the majority is female. Bottom line: the majority of the current/next generation of Theatre Workers WILL be Women.

For my part, i will, as a some-time playwright, create more roles for Women and i will spread this word to as many colleagues as i can to urge them to do so as well. But EVERY playwright regardless of their gender should keep this in mind — Women are & will be the majority of the talent pool.

i am most likely spouting opinions you already share, but i want you to know that for myself, as a Man, i will be championing Women as the Theatre Workers of the future.

Bravo to your Podcast, and i am looking forward to listening.

Happy Thanksgiving,

T. Scott Wooten

TheatreNow! Article in AMERICAN THEATRE

Many thanks to  AMERICAN THEATRE magazine (October 2012 – Theatre Communications Group) for publishing a 2-page article on TheatreNow! Margot Melcon wrote an informative and thorough piece on TheatreNow!’s origins, and place in the contemporary gender parity movement.

Download the article here: AMERICAN THEATRE article on TheatreNow! by Margot Melcon (October 2012)

“There’s been a lot of discussion over the past few years about women’s voices being underrepresented in the theatre—there aren’t enough female playwrights being produced, not enough women in executive positions in regional theatres, not enough female directors or roles for female actors. And not enough women speak out as informed, educated, experienced and qualified representatives in the field. Though there has been a flood of discussion about gender disparity, talking doesn’t always lead to action.

But Anne Hamilton isn’t just talking. In response to the acknowledged under-representation that leads to so much frustration, the New York City–based freelance dramaturg, script consultant and playwright has offered up a solution…”