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TheatreNow! Season Four – Dramaturgs and Critics

The TheatreNow! Archive is currently a work-in-progress and will feature all the Season Three’s podcasts in the upcoming month.

2014 has been a building year. We have expanded our staff with the addition of Danica Rodriguez and Thais Flaitt Giannoccaro. Our global outreach has increased with representatives in the US, UK, Asia, and South America, and we have plans to translate our interviews into Korean and Portuguese. We also have a Young Adult Representative to help us build more interest in the theatre profession, especially among young women.

Season Four will be dedicated to creating an oral history of six leading dramaturgs and theatre critics active on the American scene, with specialties in new play development, new musical development, dance, opera, women’s studies, journalism, and cultural criticism . In the interviews, I will explore questions such as: How can we take advantage of advances in technology to push the dramaturgical profession forward? How have others done so? Do leading practitioners in the arts of dramaturgy and theatre criticism have anything in common? What is it? How can I expand my own practice to become an independent curator, journalist and advocate in a meaningful way? How can I advance the gender parity movement among theatre artists? How can I add content to the current movement for archiving theatre artists’ and companies’ works? How can I help the public to meet and recognize female theatrical experts across all disciplines? And, How can I use my dramaturgical skills and access to help young adults become interested in pursuing any of the theatrical professions?

Staff List

Anne Hamilton, Producer and Host
Otto Bost, Sound Designer
Cate Cammarata, US Representative
Walter Byongsok Chon, Asia Representative
Natalie Pandya, UK Representative
Danica Rodriguez, Young Adult Representative
Thais Flaitt Giannoccaro, South America Representative
Nancy Ford, Composer, TheatreNow! Theme
Helaine, Digital Archivist and Website Creator





Natalie Pandya Joins Staff

Welcome to Natalie Pandya, who joins our staff as the UK Program Assistant. I met Natalie through Dr. Roger Ainsworth, The Master of St. Catherine’s College, Oxford University. I studied the Philosophy of Aesthetics there as a visiting student while I was an undergraduate. St. Catz is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year. Natalie has completed research for the podcast on leading UK female theatre artists, and also on leading theatre training programs in the UK. We will approach the training programs to let them know about TheatreNow! this fall, and expand our audience overseas. Welcome, Natalie.

Here is her bio:

Natalie Pandya has just completed her degree at St Catherine’s
College, Oxford, where she studied History. Whilst at University she
produced a number of student-plays, interned at a production company
and has since begun work her own a screenplay. Her interests include
reading historical and historical fiction works and cinema. She is
extremely excited to be a part of TheatreNow! and hopes to contribute
much, with her passion and enthusiasm for the industry.