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breaking walls at the EstroGenius Festival

Congratulations to TheatreNow! guest Fran Tarr, who continues to create theatre all over the world.  She has just returned from a working trip to South Africa. A theatre piece written by her young female collaborators with will appear in the EstroGenius Festival this month.

WOMEN SPEAK WORLD LISTEN October 31 2014 nyc

A message from Fran Tarr:

Our Young Women Artists & The EstroGenius Play Festival

An amazing opportunity to showcase the writing and performing talents of our young breaking walls women is happening at the renowned EstroGenius Play Festival on October 31st from 7:00pm to 8:30pm!!!

WOMEN SPEAK/WORLD LISTEN is a one-night theater event written by our young breaking walls women from Brooklyn, Bethlehem, Berlin and Cape Town and will be performed by Helen Beyene, Sofie Walker, Lexie Tompkins, Geri Nikole Love, Maggie Borlando and Margy Love under the direction of Chivonne Michelle.

All proceeds will support our breaking walls 2015 Barcelona initiative – so bring a friend or two, and if you will not be able to join us, please consider making a contribution via EventBrite. Tickets are $25.00 online and $30 (cash only) at the door.

Click here to purchase:


SUNSET BABY Extended at Labrynth Theater Company

Congratulations to TheatreNow! guest Kamilah Forbes, who directed SUNSET BABY in New York City. It has been extended! Kamilah was a guest in Season Two, and has a hit with Dominique Morisseau’s new play. Brava!



Sunset-Baby by Dominique Morisseau

Master List of Artists on TheatreNow! Podcasts

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Season 1

Inaugural Episode  – Quiara Alegria Hudes, Playwright and Librettist

Episode 2 – Claire Lautier, Actress

Episode 3 – Ruth Margraff, Musician, Composer, and Playwright

Episode 4 – Kristin Marting, Artistic Director, Producer, and Director

Episode 5 – Valentina Fratti, Artistic Director, Producer, and Director

Episode  6 – Catherine Filloux, Parts 1 and 2, Playwright

Episode 7-  Yvette Heyliger and Yvonne Farrow, Parts 1 and 2

Yvette Heyliger, Producer, Playwright, and Director

Yvonne Farrow, Producer, Actor, and Choralographer

Season 2

Episode 1 – Kamilah Forbes, Artistic Director, Director, and Actor

Episode 2 – Laura Maria Censabella, Playwright, Screenwriter, and Educator

Episode 3 – Paule Constable, Lighting Designer

Episode 4 – Fran Tarr, Playwright, Filmmaker, and Educator

Episode 5 – Jennifer Tipton. Lighting Designer

Season 3

Episode 1 – Kate Valk, Actress, The Wooster Group

Episode 2 – Rae Smith, Set and Costume Designer

Episode 3 – Margo Jefferson, Theatre and Cultural Critic

Episode 4 – Maria Alexandria Beech, Playwright, Bookwriter and Lyricist

Episode 5 – Murielle Borst Tarrant, Playwright, Director, Producer

Episode 6 – Judith Malina, Co-Founder, The Living Theatre

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TheatreNow! Article in AMERICAN THEATRE

Many thanks to  AMERICAN THEATRE magazine (October 2012 – Theatre Communications Group) for publishing a 2-page article on TheatreNow! Margot Melcon wrote an informative and thorough piece on TheatreNow!’s origins, and place in the contemporary gender parity movement.

Download the article here: AMERICAN THEATRE article on TheatreNow! by Margot Melcon (October 2012)

“There’s been a lot of discussion over the past few years about women’s voices being underrepresented in the theatre—there aren’t enough female playwrights being produced, not enough women in executive positions in regional theatres, not enough female directors or roles for female actors. And not enough women speak out as informed, educated, experienced and qualified representatives in the field. Though there has been a flood of discussion about gender disparity, talking doesn’t always lead to action.

But Anne Hamilton isn’t just talking. In response to the acknowledged under-representation that leads to so much frustration, the New York City–based freelance dramaturg, script consultant and playwright has offered up a solution…”


A Message from Fran Tarr

I am thrilled to report that we have received our Visas to Berlin! And as you know we are five days away from the day that the entire Brooklyn & Bethlehem groups will be meeting in Berlin for our initial breaking walls workshop.

The German students are on-board with the breaking walls concept; our daily schedule is set; a folder for each participant is ready; we even have a draft of the program for our culminating performance ready to be finalized in Berlin.

It would be amazing to see you in Berlin with us on July 13th when we perform the original writing of the participants! Just email me at frantarrpro@gmail.com and I will forward you the information to get to the venue. OR, or you can be a part of our amazing journey via our new, free, downloadable app @ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=hr.apps.n1022109


& Please keep all your love and good thoughts focused on both the documentary and breaking walls as we move towards our July 4th departure date!!!

Much love,


Now Playing – Podcast with Jennifer Tipton

Hamilton Dramaturgy’s TheatreNow! is a podcast series featuring some of the most exciting women artists working in the theatre today. Anne Hamilton is the producer and host. Jennifer Tipton is the final guest in Season Two. You may listen to podcasts and read the transcripts at https://theatrenow.wordpress.com.

 Jennifer Tipton

Hamilton Dramaturgy’s TheatreNow!

Interview with Jennifer Tipton, Lighting Designer

(Season Two, Episode Five, Recorded October 29, 2011)

Hamilton Dramaturgy’s TheatreNow! Podcast with Jennifer Tipton

Jennifer Tipton is well-known for her work in theatre, dance, and opera. In theatre, her recent work includes AUTUMN SONATA by Ingmar Bergman, directed by Robert Woodruff at Yale Repertory Theatre, and The Wooster Group’s version of Tennessee Williams’ VIEUX CARRÉ. Her recent work in dance includes Alexei Ratmansky’s THE NUTCRACKER for American Ballet Theater and Paul Taylor’s THE UNCOMMITTED. Her recent work in opera includes Gounod’s ROMEO ET JULIETTE directed by Bartlett Sher at La Scala and LA CLEMENZA DI TITO for the Festival in Aix-en-Provence directed by David McVicar. Ms. Tipton teaches lighting at the Yale School of Drama. She received The Dorothy and Lillian Gish Prize in 2001, the Jerome Robbins Prize in 2003, and in April 2004, the Mayor’s Award for Arts and Culture in New York City. In 2008, she was made a United States Artist “Gracie” Fellow and a MacArthur Fellow.

You may read the interview here: Hamilton Dramaturgy’s TheatreNow! Interview with Jennifer Tipton

This episode is dedicated to David Rogers.

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Now Playing – Podcast with Fran Tarr
Hamilton Dramaturgy's TheatreNow! - Season Two, Episode Four

Fran Tarr, Playwright, Filmmaker and Educator(Season Two, Episode Four)

Hamilton Dramaturgy’s TheatreNow! Podcast with Fran Tarr

Please enjoy the interview!

Fran Tarr is a writer, independent documentary filmmaker, and the Founder and Director of BREAKING WALLS. She was Education Director for the Women’s Project and Productions, and currently serves as the Education Coordinator at the Atlantic Theatre Company. Since 2006, she has volunteered leading play-making workshops in Israel, Liberia, and Palestine. She is based in New York City.

You may read the interview here: https://theatrenow.wordpress.com/2011/09/29/interview-with-fran-tarr-playwright-filmmaker-and-educator/

Hamilton Dramaturgy’s TheatreNow! is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the purposes of Hamilton Dramaturgy’s TheatreNow! must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Kamilah Forbes, Assistant Director on Broadway

Congratulations to Kamilah Forbes, who served as the first guest of Season Two on TheatreNow! She is serving as Assistant Director of the Broadway production of THE MOUNTAINTOP by Katori Hall, starring Angela Bassett and Samuel L. Jackson. Brava!

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A Message from Fran Tarr
October 18, 2011, 12:01 pm
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As a direct result of the message of my documentary, brooklyn bridges- to bethlehem & back, the Brooklyn cast members – Ryan, Shan & Fabie – have been selected to represent the United States at the United Nations International Year of the Youth “Take the Leadership” Conference. The Conference happens this year in Jerusalem from November 20 through 23.

Ryan, Shan & Fabie will join youth leaders from over twenty countries in lectures, workshops over the course of the four days, and the group will issue a culminating statement on the positive influence youth leaders can have on their own communities and the larger world.

There are three weeks left for us to raise the funds for the trip to the Conference via Indiegogo, and this is where I am hoping you will help by making a donation and spreading the word to folks you feel may also understand hope amazing this opportunity is for Ryan, Shan & Fabie.

Here is our Indiegogo link: (It’s so, so easy to use) http://www.indiegogo.com/BrooklyntoJerusalem

To get a better look at what brooklyn bridges is all about you can also check-out our website at: www.bbdocumentary.com

Many thanks,

Fran Tarr

Fabie, Shan and Ryan