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Natalie Pandya Joins Staff

Welcome to Natalie Pandya, who joins our staff as the UK Program Assistant. I met Natalie through Dr. Roger Ainsworth, The Master of St. Catherine’s College, Oxford University. I studied the Philosophy of Aesthetics there as a visiting student while I was an undergraduate. St. Catz is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year. Natalie has completed research for the podcast on leading UK female theatre artists, and also on leading theatre training programs in the UK. We will approach the training programs to let them know about TheatreNow! this fall, and expand our audience overseas. Welcome, Natalie.

Here is her bio:

Natalie Pandya has just completed her degree at St Catherine’s
College, Oxford, where she studied History. Whilst at University she
produced a number of student-plays, interned at a production company
and has since begun work her own a screenplay. Her interests include
reading historical and historical fiction works and cinema. She is
extremely excited to be a part of TheatreNow! and hopes to contribute
much, with her passion and enthusiasm for the industry.